Friday, November 7, 2014

There's a lot of me in 'Ella's Rain'

I’m often asked how much of what I write comes from personal experience. I don’t think you can be an author and not have what you are be a part of what you create. 

I was recently editing my book “Ella’s Rain,” due out early next year. At the end of the book are 365 letters Grandma wrote to Ella before she died. Grandma instructs her best friend, Maddie, who becomes Ella’s guardian upon her death, to give Ella a new note every day. 

When I wrote the notes, I thought about my sons and what I’d want them to know if I wasn’t able to grow old with them. I also thought about my sister, Wendy, and her husband, Brad, and all of my friends who have passed away and the children they left behind. What would they want their children to know? 

What I discovered while writing the notes is that many of them were born out of actual conversations I’ve had with my sons over the years. When I completed them, I felt not only good about the guidance Grandma had provided Ella, but also a sense of pride in the legacy I’m leaving behind.

Here are some of those notes. 

Believe in yourself: Sometimes it’s hard to believe in yourself. That little monster called Doubt taps you on the shoulder and makes you question if you really have what it takes. Shoo that beast away. You must believe in yourself, even if no one else believes in you. Too many dreams are lost because a person gave up too soon.

Monday, October 27, 2014

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Inspiration for 'The Moment Keeper'


I've often been asked what was my inspiration for writing THE MOMENT KEEPER. 

I’ve always been fascinated by the moments in our lives and how they connect to form our life stories. And by the choices we make and how those choices lead us down a certain path.

I think so often in life we don’t recognize the most significant moments of our lives until they have passed. And sometimes when we’re young, we can’t see past tomorrow. We live in the now. We all know that with age comes wisdom. And it’s only when we get older and look back on our life that we realize the mess we had gotten into as a teen is but a small blip in our life story. And that nothing is ever so bad that you think about taking your life.

So I wanted to explore all of these things and to show two lives in a parallel narrative, present and past, ending up at the same place but making different decisions that ultimately lead them down different paths.

My other books:

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The story behind 'The Christmas Violin'


The Christmas Violin and how it came to be:

I remember the morning as if it were minutes ago. Winter was tumbling into spring and I woke up from a dream that followed me like a shadow.

I was standing on the stone steps of a cemetery. A young woman with beautiful red hair played the violin in front of a small granite tombstone in the shape of a teddy bear. I was mesmerized, watching her slender fingers dance as the violin bow tickled the strings.  She was playing a lullaby, a beautiful lullaby.

From my perch, I saw an old homeless woman watching the violinist, peeking out of a cluster of arborvitae bushes. And I also saw a young man, dressed in a suit, watching the violinist from a few graves away.

That’s the image I woke up with and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Even when I tried pushing it aside to work on something else, it wouldn’t let me. It had a real attitude and, gosh darn it, I was going to listen.

So I did. I learned a long time ago not to fight my characters when they are insistent that I come out to play. So I stopped ignoring them and said, “Okay, if we’re going to do this, I need each of you to help me tell your story.”

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Five-star reviews for Will, Middle Name Trouble

First reviews are in for Will, Middle Name Trouble. YAY! 5 STARS

REVIEW: Will is a twelve-year-old boy who, in spite of his best efforts, is always in trouble. When his mouth and his reputation get him into more trouble than usual, his loyal friends rally around to help prove his innocence.

Will, Middle Name Trouble is Buffy Andrews second middle grade novel with MuseItUp Publishing, and once again she tells an entertaining story with a message. Young readers of all ages will laugh as Will gets himself into and out of trouble, and they will learn several life lessons in the process. First, Andrews shows that each person, no matter how perfect his or her life might seem, has insecurities and problems. In addition, her story reveals that people aren’t always who we think they are. Finally, her characters learn that the choices we make determine what kind of person we become.

Andrews is a multi-talented writer who has published books of many types. Regardless of the genre, however, her characters are always realistic and loveable, and her stories are finished before the reader is ready to stop.

REVIEW: This is a cute, fun read about a boy whose heart's always in the right place, even though the rest of him is usually in trouble. You'll love how Will and his friends come together and the way they grow during the course of the story.

Review my list of books available. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Publication day for Will, Middle Name Trouble

So excited today that my second middle grade, WILL, MIDDLE NAME TROUBLE, is now available. WILL joins FREAKY FRANK in my line of middle grade books from MuseItYoung. Happy reading! 


Sometimes we find more than we’re looking for… 

Will Moran is always getting into trouble. But this time, Will, who cleans and cooks and takes care of his younger twin sisters while his mom works, didn’t do it. 

Will’s class is collecting donations to benefit the local soup kitchen. Every time his teacher catches Will earning a buck from a bet, it ends up in the donation can. When the money goes missing, Will’s the prime suspect. After all, most of the money came from him. 

Will and his eclectic group of friends set out to find the thief and prove his innocence, but they end up finding so much more.

Other middle-grade books

Freaky Frank

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sunday column: Letting go is never easy

I remember his midnight curls.
The way his pudgy fingers clenched mine.
His gummy smiles and baby giggles.
The smell of powder as I cradled him in my arms.
Rolling, sitting, crawling.
His first steps, wobbly at first. More like jabs than steps. Or maybe lunges. Falls and fears and tears. He'd tumble and I'd help him up.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cool interactive book flyer

Check out this interactive book flyer I created using Layar. Layer adds digital content to print. It other words, it makes the print world clickable. So if I were to publish this page in a newspaper or magazine or simply as a flyer, people could see the interactive layers by downloading the free Layar app on their smartphone and scanning the image. I added 24 buttons, including point of purchase on Amazon.

What do you think?