365 writing tweets

365 Writing Tweets From @Buffyandrews Twitter
By Buffy Andrews

1.                   Characters are like kids. They want to be played with, taken on adventures. And they won't let you rest until you do.
2.                   Show me the contract. 
3.                   I'm trying to give my character voice but he won't speak.
4.                   Trying to get an agent is like standing in line to be picked for kickball. Pick me! Pick me! ...Dang, last again.
5.                   Funny how when you write "The end" you hope that it's the beginning of something great.
6.                    In a world of noise, writing is my soul speaking silently.
7.                   Faith to Doubt: Get your sorry ass out of here. You don't wanna mess with me cause I ain't feelin' generous today. (Clenches teeth)
8.                   I've decided that writing is like childbirth. It's painful and difficult and you think it will never come out. And then it does!
9.                   I scare myself when I start having conversations with my characters.
10.                I can't stop writing because I can't wait to see what will happen.
11.                Sometimes my characters shock me. I can't believe the things they do. Oh! Wait! Real people are like that, too. Imagine.
12.                Sometimes in writing reality and fiction blur to the point that you have to remind yourself which is which.
13.                Character: Why do you put me in impossible situations? Me: Trust me. You'll find a way.
14.                Me to character: Tell me you just didn't do that! That is just so wrong. Character: What are ya gonna do about it? Me: make it right.
15.                When I write I make sense of the chaos in my mind.
16.                Fascinating the things your characters tell you when you take the time to listen. Don't shush them.
17.                That pesky thing called time keeps running out on me. Can someone just stop the clock to give me more time to write?
18.                Last night, my characters kept me awake. Apparently I haven't been giving them enough attention.
19.                I hate when Writing won't let me sleep. It can be such a pest at times. Twisting and turning and telling me this and that.
20.                With each word you write you get a step closer to finishing.
21.                I think the best part of writing is the discovery. Our characters make us cry and laugh and love and hate. Enjoy the discovery.
22.                Funny how your characters take on a life of their own. They are like little kids pestering to be played with.
23.                Some days, writing is like a dentist drilling a cavity in your mouth without giving you Novocain. It totally sucks. I hate pain!
24.                My characters told me a lot of interesting things this weekend. The more I hang with them the more I discover. Awesomeness:)
25.                Character: When will bad guys come? Me: How do you know they aren't here? Things are not always what they seem. Reality and illusion blur.
26.                Me to character: Why don't you have more balls? Character: I'm waiting for you to give me some.
27.                So you wanna write? Well, then, do it. Just do it. You won't get anywhere just thinkin' about it. Nothing was ever achieved that way.
28.                Writers write, editors edit; together they make magic for readers to read.
29.                You know you're a writer when: You talk about your characters as if they were real people.
30.                Me to Comma: I will never get use to you wanting to butt your way into my sentences -- even if you're right.
31.                Querying means willingness to put yourself out there and be rejected. Hey, that's a lot like love, no? But sometimes, you're loved back:)
32.                Bring on that novel mountain and we'll climb it together, one word at a time.
33.                If I have to tell you one more time Rejection and Doubt, take your sorry asses out of here. (Squinting eyes, hand on hips, clenched teeth.)
34.                So I was tellin' Rejection what a poor excuse for a word he is. That's right, I told him. I'm on Accept's side. (He pouts.)
35.                Me to Doubt: Take your big butt out of here before I kick it out. (Looks at me with evil eyes.) Don't believe me? Just try me. (Runs away.)
36.                I so love this character. Makes me laugh. And laughter is sooo good. Makes my heart jiggle with joy:)
37.                Cutting manuscript is like pulling your hair out. Man it hurts.
38.                Writing is literary magic that turns ideas and thoughts and characters into something tangible.
39.                When I write, I dream.
40.                Writing is that thing we do that keeps us sane.
41.                I wonder if in Heaven everyone will love what I write. Because, well, down here I'm not having too much luck.
42.                Writing is that thing that gives us peace.
43.                Writing allows me to be someone I'm not.
44.                Revising reminds us that our writing can always be better. Strive for the best.
45.                Writers must be the biggest believers.
46.                Me to characters: talk to me people.
47.                Writing is like opening an unexpected gift. It surprises us and makes us smile. I love unexpected gifts
48.                Sometimes the writing just comes and we're like, oh yeah. Gotta love when that happens.
49.                Writing can be agony and joy and every emotion in between.
50.                Revising is like surgery. Cut. Cut. Snip. Snip. Cut. Snip. Cut. OUCH! All better.
51.                I am so over you, Rejection. You can't get to me like that anymore. I won't let you squash my hopes and dreams. (Slams door) So there!
52.                Why is writing sometimes like trying to get gum out of your hair? Ouch! It's a mess & hurts. Sometimes you just have to cut it out. So there.
53.                Writing is like making rich delicious chocolate for our minds to savor and enjoy.
54.                Writing is like wallpapering. You work to get it up and looking perfect, hope it sticks and that others enjoy it.
55.                Writing is like peeling an orange. You pick away at the shell until you get to the delicious fruit inside. And then enjoy it.
56.                Writing is like opening a treasure chest -- you never know what you will find.
57.                Writing that inspires us is like getting candy as a kid - a delightful treat:)
58.                I'm in love with writing, but sometimes I swear it hates me. Doesn't want to cooperate. Can be stubborn and downright nasty. Listen up, U!
59.                Good editors are priceless.
60.                Writing is the key that unlocks the stories battling in our brains to get out.
61.                If I write as well as I golf, I'm in trouble!
62.                Writing is our medicine. It makes us feel better.
63.                Writing is like eating dessert -- you can never get enough of it.
64.                Writing sweetens our day and makes life so much richer.
65.                Writing is a mental massage that soothes our soul in ways nothing else ever could.
66.                Writing is as natural and essential as breathing.
67.                Never thought I'd write "fart" in a middle-grade query letter, or "pimple" for that matter. But what the heck. This book is fun. 
68.                Three words for a writer: Make me care. That pretty much sums it up, I think.
69.                Conflict. Conflict. Where art thou conflict?
70.                Best part of waking up is writing on my laptop.
71.                Rejection. Rejection. You can't handle rejection!
72.                Think. Think. Think. Write. Write. Write. Delete. Delete. Delete. So much for writing a page a day. Can't get past first sentence.
73.                I said plot, not pot. There's a BIG difference
74.                Had to write "a lot" 100 times when I was a kid. "A" all the way to the left of the paper; "lot" all the way to the right. Dang teachers!
75.                I looked at the blank page and nothing happened. It just stayed blank.
76.                Their. There. Its. It's. Grammar rules!
77.                And to think I thought this writing gig would be easy. NOT!
78.                Psst. Hey you. Making any progress on that book? That bad, huh. OK, I won't ask again. But maybe you ought to try, um, gardening. 
79.                Writing is like eating an ice-cream sundae. (YUM!) Math, on the other hand, is like eating liver and onions. You couldn't pay me to do that!
80.                Does an active voice mean it’s exercise its chords?
81.                Person A: Possessives? Is that like touchy-feely stuff? Person B: No. That’s possessive.
82.                I never did like that character.
83.                Character: Are you even trying to write? Me: Of course. Why? Character: Try harder. Me: Are you saying it's crap? (silence)
84.                Sometimes when I write I feel like I have multiple personalities.
85.                Hey Revision. You can be a pain but you do make Book better.
86.                Some agent. (And tweeps went to the blog to read about the awesome agent who had signed the hopeful writer and saved her from Rejection)
87.                I wish I could write and not have to worry about the shift key and the computer would automatically do all the capitalization.
88.                The Little House -- my favorite childhood book -- still sits on my shelf. RIP:  Virginia Lee Burton
89.                I went to the book store and imagined my book on the shelf. Maybe someday.
90.                Didn't you get the memo? It said to write.
91.                It's the right time to write.
92.                Writers rock!
93.                Sentence: But out Comma. Comma: Then put Pronoun after Conjunction.
94.                Writer's wish list: Time. Time. And more time.
95.                There is no swear word swear-ish enough when the power goes out and you lose your work.
96.                Hubs waiting to be a kept man. He doesn't realize what most writers make -- nothing!
97.                To write or not to write, that is the question. And the answer is always YES!
98.                Character: You talkin' 'bout me? Me: Yeah, I'm talking about you. Do something! Character: Make me Me: My pleasure.
99.                A tweet a day keeps writer's block away.
100.            (One year later) I so can't believe I thought this book was ready to send out. What was I thinkin'? I guess that's the problem. I wasn't.  
101.            I'm sitting in church writing on a bulletin. Hey, a writer's gotta do what a writer's gotta do.
102.            I can't imagine writing in the old days. Pen and paper suck.
103.            My agent just challenged me. Love it! Game on.
104.            Are writers normal? I hope not because that would eliminate me.
105.            Sometimes, I wish I could live the life of my character. That dude has so much fun.
106.            It's a dog-eat-dog literary world out there.
107.            Instead of man vs. man, it should be writer vs. writer. We're all fighting for that publication slot.
108.            My writing is the only place I love conflict. I could do without it in real life.
109.            If you can think it you can write it.
110.            The first step toward publication? Writing the book.
111.            If rejections were cash, I'd be rich
112.            Character: Psst. Me: What now? Character: Just wanted to make sure you were alive because this story's stagnant. Me: I'm alive and I know.
113.            I love when a query becomes a Yes.
114.            I hate when an idea pops into my head and there's no paper in sight. Oh well. Just have to give myself a hand:)  
115.            The world is full of interesting characters for my book. 
116.            Ahem. Mr. Interjection, can you not sound so surprised? Settle down like Period.   
117.            The sweetest words a writer will ever hear: We've got a deal. 
118.            Let’s get Write. He'll try it. He tries anything: Poems, short stories, books... 
119.            Some days the writing comes easy. Some days it doesn't come at all. That's when you have to go find it. 
120.            If you see it in Strunk and White it's so.
121.            A cliffhanger is when
122.            You have to keep reading to find out what happens next.  (Gotcha)
123.            Me (holding up dictionary): Don’t you use this? Person: No. I spell check.
124.            You're a high maintenance Sentence. I think I'll split you in two. Easier to handle.
125.            Plot, I'm sorry. I just couldn't make it work. I tried. I really tried. But, can I be brutally honest? You sucked.
126.            I'm happiest when I writing. A total bitch when I'm not.
127.            Good thing: I wrote a sentence. Bad thing: I erased it. Hope this isn't a sign of how my writing day is going to go.
128.            You know you're a writer when you talk about your characters like they're real people. 
129.            You know you're a writer when you read wedding announcements and obituaries looking for character names. 
130.            You know you're a writer when you eavesdrop on conversations wherever you are.
131.            Writing is an adventure. There's so much to discover and learn. 
132.            Character: I hope this is a draft because, well, it stinks right now. Me: Who asked you?
133.            Question: When do Words become Story? Answer: When plot butts in.
134.            Me to Character: You need to talk more. Character: Make me. Me: Well, you don't have to get a 'tude about it.
135.            You know you're an editor when you proof the teacher's correspondence your kids bring home from school.
136.            You know you're an editor when you obsess about the typos in the church bulletin. 
137.            I'm trying to develop a meaningful relationship with Voice. He doesn't want to be bothered right now so I'm going to flirt with Plot.  
138.            Show to Tell: Beat it, bandit. There's a new sheriff in town and he's gunnin' for ya. 
139.            Characters to Plot: keep movin'. We want to finish this book and see what happens. 
140.            Muses, where have you been people?  
141.            The goddesses have delivered the muse. Big thanks to Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polymnia, Urania and Thalia.
142.            Once upon a time...you finish.
143.            A dark and stormy night ... you finish.
144.            A writer's best friend and worse enemy is his mind. It can lead to greatness or madness. The writer decides.  
145.            Sometimes writing's easier with a beer or two. How about you? 
146.            Climax: It's all downhill from here.
147.            To write or not to write is NEVER a question. You ALWAYS write. 
148.            Revising is like bleaching whites. You remove the stains and dirt and make the writing pristine. 
149.            A little bird told me to tweet: Write on!  
150.            Rising Action to Falling Action and Conclusion: When you dudes wrap it up, make sure you leave room for Sequel. 
151.            Have a writerly day.
152.            I hate when Thought runs away and I can't remember what he said.  
153.            I hate when I don't know how to spell a word and can't look it up because I don't know how to spell it. Ever happen to you? Ugh! 
154.            Wish work was like high school and I could skip to stay home and get caught up on homework, er, writing.
155.            Waiting to finish a book, find an agent, get a publisher, hold book in your hands is the longest wait EVER!
156.            I sure hope getting into Heaven isn't as difficult as getting into print.
157.            Write well.  
158.            Getting the call is like being picked first in kick ball -- you can't believe that anyone thought you were that good.  
159.            Pull up a chair, grab a cup of joe and let me tell you a story. 
160.            Catch the perfect writing wave and have the ride of your life. 
161.            I wear the writer pants in the family.
162.            If you need someone to dedicate your book to, I'm available. (Smiles)
163.            Words are a melody playing in my mind.
164.            You should be able to hear a writer's voice. If you can't, he doesn't have one.
165.            Never, ever be satisfied with mediocre writing. Anyone can be mediocre. It's takes practice to be great.
166.            Dang Muse. Been lookin' everywhere for you, dude. Who you hangin' with these days? Could use an idea or two.   
167.            A writer is rich in words. Unfortunately, words don't pay bills.
168.            So there's daylight saving time. Can we have a writer saving time? Lengthen the day by one hour so we have an extra hour to write.
169.            Maybe there should be a worst seller list. Seems like these books need the most help. The best sellers are doing just fine.
170.            Get movin' Plot. At the rate you're dragging your words you'll never get to the best part of the book.
171.            I couldn't think of a dang thing to write all day, except this.
172.            Character: Why don't you kill me off? I'd be less of a pain that way. Me: No, I need your pain to make this book better.
173.            Writing days come and go. Some are good and some are bad and some I'd just rather not talk about.
174.            Nothing like a piece of chocolate in the morning (and 4 cups of coffee) to get the muse kickin'.
175.            (Jumping up and down) Got an idea. Got an idea. It's... Dang! Lost the idea. I hate when that happens. And it was a best seller, too.
176.            Trying to figure out how to turn dumb ideas into smart ones. 
177.            I'm not stalling writing. I'm letting my idea percolate. When it's just right, it will pour out of me.  
178.            If you think I'm going to let some little slime ball named Doubt get in my way of writing, think again
179.            What every author longs to hear: I don't want this book to end.
180.            Sometimes, simple is better than fancy schmancy.  
181.            So you want to be a writer? (Person nods) Good luck with that.
182.            It only takes one great idea to become a best-selling author. Have a great idea?
183.             Writing is a magic elixir that can cure any ill.
184.            If I could choose between writing and sleeping, I'd choose writing. Just wish I didn't have to sleep in order to write.
185.            Sometimes you meet someone and you just know a character based on them will show up in a book somewhere down the road.
186.            Writers write and rewrite and rewrite some more until it's right.
187.            A story can’t end if it never starts. Get started.
188.            When a writer says he's doing research, what he's really saying is that he's people watching at the mall.
189.            The best gift you can give a writer is time to write with no interruptions.
190.            Writer. Another word for poor.
191.            The best kind of day is a writing day.
192.            Write the day away.
193.            Person A: I write for a living. Person B: How much do you make? Person A: Nothing yet.
194.            Headed to bed and hoping for sweet writerly dreams.
195.            You know you’re a writer when you look at your bank account and you’re broke.
196.            Get your writing on. 
197.            Person A: Who in the world ever told you that you could write? Person B: My mom. Person A: And you believed her? 
198.            Write on!
199.            I think I could write entertaining instruction manuals. How about you?
200.            My to-do list: Write
201.            Person A: Can't wait until my book comes out. Person B: When's that? Person A: I have to sell it first. 
202.            I've been dating Dash, but we're becoming a bit too attached. Gotta let him down easy and go out with Comma for awhile. 
203.            So glad I don't use paper and pencil to write. I would kill a bazillion trees and the writing bump on my middle finger would never go away!
204.            Why is it that when I sit down to write, Muse decides he wants to play hide and seek. Gotta find that dude and fast. 
205.            Person A: I need to practice signing autographs for when my book comes out. Person B: When's that? Person A: I haven't written it yet.
206.            Writing is my therapy. The best part? It doesn't cost a thing but time. 
207.            I can't remember a time when I didn't write. It's as much a part of me as the blood running through my veins.
208.            Writing can be like threading a needle. It's sometimes tough to get the thread through the hole, but once you do, you're off sewing.
209.            I love Edit. He gives me tons of second chances to make things just right between us.
210.            Why is it that I always think a revision is going to take less time than it actually does? I should know better by now.
211.            I'm not finished yet. I don't know if I'll ever be finished writing this book. I'm beginning to think it hates me.
212.            Weekends are made for writing.
213.            Write the night away.
214.            I write the book that I can't stop thinking about. The one that won't leave me alone. I don't write what I think the market wants.
215.            I opened the newspaper and found two book ideas. Real life is stranger than fiction. Seriously.
216.            Me to character: If you think for one minute I'm going to let you speak to me that way, you're right!
217.            Why is it easier to write a 65,000-word novel than a 650-word query?
218.            I've been beat up by Rejection so many times I'm immune to his form-letter ways.
219.            Some days I delete more than I write. How NOT to get ahead.
220.            It's tough getting up in the morning -- except on writing days.
221.            I sometimes get my best ideas when I'm exercising and about to die. It's like God's saying: Hang in there because you have to write this.
222.            I’m at a total loss for words. That’s so unlike me.
223.            A Thesaurus is not a dinosaur. Well, maybe the physical book is.
224.            Sometimes the words just won't come. Wait. They'll find their way and, like a spring flower, poke through the ground when they're ready.
225.            Grammar, you're the pickiest noun I know.
226.            My characters are keeping me awake. So tired. Must sleep. Nite:)
227.            I know how my book will start and how it will end. Just have to figure out the middle.
228.            First drafts are like first dates. The more you hang out the better it gets. Unless it totally sucks. Then you chuck it and start over.
229.            Querying is like bearing your heart and hoping it doesn't get broken.
230.            You do have the writing chops to serve up a tantalizing book.
231.            Think it. See it. Feel it. Write it.
232.            It’s a great day to write a best-seller.
233.            Am I a freak that I find so much joy in finding the perfect word? Never mind. I don't want to know. It would spoil my high.
234.            You know you're an editor when you mentally revise what someone says.
235.            You know you're a writer when you mentally file away the mannerisms and quirks and physical details of everyone you meet.
236.            Writing is like eating delicious ice cream and discovering the treasures hidden inside -- chocolate bits, nuts, cameral and more.
237.            Look. I'm a writer. It's who I am, who I'll ever be. So if you're looking for someone who makes lots of money, goodbye.
238.            Every time I hear "Yo, Dawg" or "Sup, Dawg" I look around to see where the dog is. There's never any dog. (Vocab a writer should know.)
239.            Did you ever have a dream that scared the crap out of you? I was glad to wake up and find it wasn't true. Book material? Maybe.
240.            I seem to be doing more deleting than writing. At this rate I'll be in the hole.
241.            You know you're a writer when you look at someone and mentally think how you would describe them.
242.            I had planned to write a 1,000 words; I didn't even write one. Writing fail.
243.            It’s easier to talk about writing than it is to actually do it.
244.            Yep. Word nerd. That's me. Wonder if there's a way to turn that into some kind of super hero?
245.            Of all the professions I could have chosen, I picked writer. What was I thinkin'.? I mean, it's not like I can pay bills with nice notes.
246.            You know you're in trouble when your own writing puts you to sleep.
247.            The power of the delete key.
248.            Re: Queries. Amazing how you can ask so many people the same question and get the same answer: No.
249.            Our books are our babes. Give them love.
250.            Said: I’m not intrusive. In fact, most people don’t even notice me.
251.            An agent believes in me and my work. YAY! (Totally doing happy dance)
252.            Person A: What’s The Great Wait? Person B: It’s the road to becoming a published writer.
253.            Ever notice how the sun and warmth make people feel like a million bucks? Wish my writing was just as transformational.
254.            Don't worry. Just write.
255.            Write while you wait.
256.            My advice: Write the best book possible.
257.            Book hits can come out of nowhere.
258.            I've always had a thing for Dictionary.
259.            I don’t do math.
260.            Wish I would have paid more attention during grammar class. I was too busy writing -- NOTES.
261.            Story ideas are like stars. There are millions of them. Lasso the brightest one and make it brilliant.
262.            Writers read. From the backs of cereal boxes to best-sellers.
263.             Finish the manuscript. Period. The End.
264.            Exclamation point to Period: You've made your mark. You're in every sentence. Period: True. But you're special because you're not.
265.            TGIF! An entire weekend to write
266.              There’s learning in revising. Love it!
267.            Starting a new book is so exciting. You never know the twists and turns it will take until you write "The End." 
268.            Write. Just write. Feel it. Enjoy it. Let go. Try new things. See what happens. That's what writing is all about.
269.            Sometimes the best writing comes when you aren't trying. Wonder if I could trick myself into not trying? Probably not.
270.            Sorry Cliché. You're boring. I'm looking for someone new.
271.            Some advice: Write first. Worry about getting an agent or publisher later.
272.            Writers must care about their characters if they expect readers to care.
273.            Remember writers, always tell a story.
274.            If I'm going to spend hours with characters, they'd better be interesting. Make yours interesting.
275.            The grocery store is a great place to people watch. Collect character traits, mannerisms, quirks...Note: Check produce section
276.            A killer story idea isn't enough. You have to be able to turn that killer idea into a killer book. And that's a killer to do.  
277.            I looked at my store receipt and it was yogurt, yogurt, yogurt (X 17). Wouldn't it be great to write a book that loved?
278.            Oh I'm writing all right. Job descriptions for my staff. Does that count?
279.            I don't usually do dark and twisty. I'm usually all sunshine and rainbows. What's happened to me? Don't answer.
280.            Trying to describe a snort laugh. How do you even write that?
281.            There's nothing better than inspiration that comes when you aren't expecting it.  What a gift it is.
282.            I told Hubs my story idea. He just looked at me like I was someone he had never seen before. Wonder what that means?
283.            Where's a word nerd when you need one? Hey, that might be a job for me. Word nerd for hire.
284.            Sorry to tell you, but every writer gets rejected. You will be no different. If you can't handle rejection, might want to rethink this.
285.            I never realized how important my ears are to my writing. I read aloud. It's how I know if the rhythms of the sentences are just right.
286.            Sometimes you just have to dump the beginning and start again.
287.            I always name my work. It becomes more real to me. A living, growing, changing thing that I care for deeply.
288.            If something's not working, let it go. Don't try to force it. All of the pieces should fit easily like a puzzle.
289.            The writing life is a difficult one, but oh so rewarding.
290.            Sorry Cliché. You can't join our group. We're looking for originality.
291.            Write every day. Period. Even if it's a note to your child's teacher. But make it the best dang note you can!
292.            Writing should be fun. I always have a blast. Not that it's always easy. Heck, sometimes it's dang difficult. But, that's the writing life.
293.            Write what you need to write, what keeps you awake at night and interrupts the quiet moments of your day.
294.            Would you buy your book if you had not written it? If not, what makes you think anyone else will? 
295.            There's nothing more exciting than beginning a new piece of writing. Let the adventure begin!
296.            Don't waste time trying to figure out the market. Just write the book you must write and do the best damn job you can.
297.            Quick quiz! What's the 8 parts of speech? Verb, noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection.
298.            Humor, I miss you. Come back into my novel when you feel a need to lighten the mood.
299.            OK. I didn't mean it. I love you. But sometimes, Grammar, you drive me crazy with all of your rules. Sorry, I'm breakin' some.
300.            The end. Now the hard part begins -- Revision.
301.            Cause you were born to be a writer...
302.            Hey Subplot. You're kind of fizzling. Step up your game or you're out.
303.            I'm in the mood -- to write.
304.            Revision is full of second chances. Take them and get things just right.
305.            Person A: I need to complete my arc. Person B: Well, you know it took Noah awhile. Person A: (walks away shaking head)
306.            People read fiction to be entertained, not educated.
307.            The best writers aren't afraid to take a knife to their work. Sharpen your blade and make yours bleed needless words and phrases.
308.            Be daring when you write.
309.            Readers are your friends. Welcome them. Entertain them. Make them want to visit again.
310.            Writers remember. Today's kids are more connected than ever.
311.            (Picks up daisy and plucks petals) Agent loves me, loves me not.
312.            Will write for Rolos or Blowpops.
313.            Love being able to kiss and tell when I write.
314.            First person and third are fighting over whose point of view is right. Ugh! These two can never get along.
315.            Your writing shouldn't sound like writing. It should sound like music.
316.            A PJ day is a writing day. Have any scheduled?
317.            Putting your work out there is scary, but there are scarier things -- like spiders and snakes.
318.            Writers, avoid boredom. If you're bored the reader will be.
319.            I love how you can write a sentence and make it sound a dozen different ways.
320.            I love the chase. Chasing words, chasing sentences, chasing paragraphs and pages. Most of all, chasing the book before it gets away.
321.            Writer: I called for you and you didn't answer. Voice: I have a sore throat. Maybe try a new voice today.
322.            Caught red-handed for exclamation abuse.
323.            Rewrite: I shake things up. Cause chaos and change. But Book is better when I'm done. Book: You think a lot of yourself, no?
324.             Sometimes I feel like a 12-year-old stuck in a 40-something body. What's wrong with me? Oh, I'm a writer.
325.             Dear John: I'm writing. Please don't bother me. You asked when I'll be done. The answer is never.
326.            Hey, I gotta tell you what a jerk you are. Total jerk. Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! OK. Now I feel better. Why do some characters piss me off?
327.            Trimming your book is like trying to lose weight. It's so hard. It was much easier putting the pounds, er, words on than taking them off.
328.            I have a date with Revision. So excited! Can't wait to see where it takes me.
329.            An outline is like a dress pattern. Sometimes you have to alter it so that it fits perfectly.
330.            WIP: I can't wait for a status change. Author: Me, too:)
331.            I'm going to bed and I hope that when I wake up, I will have solved the plot problem in my book. Bring on the sweet dreams.
332.            No sweet dreams. Had a nightmare about not being able to finish the book instead. Ugh!
333.            The world would be boring without writers.
334.            This WIP is high maintenance. Always wants my attention. So needy. I do have a full-time day job, ya know.
335.            Writers are superheroes. They take you places. Make you laugh and cry and stay up late reading. Their weapons are their words. That's power.
336.            Just discovered a plot point was dull. No dull points allowed. Out, damned point! Out, I say.
337.            I never became a great violinist. But then, I hated practicing. I hope I have better luck being a writer. I "practice" all the time!
338.            You know you're done editing book when you can't appreciably improve it. When this happens, start working on something new.
339.            Is it bad to tell someone you'd rather write than hang out with them? Feeling guilty just thinking this.
340.            I wish writing was like eating chocolate. I never have any problem eating chocolate and it always tastes great.
341.            Why is it that story ideas come to me at the most inopportune times? Guess I'll have to carry a pen when I run and write on my arm.
342.            Grammar, I wish just once I was right and you were wrong.
343.            Agents are like American Pickers. Instead of looking for hidden gems in barns and basements, they search in slush piles.
344.            A page or two a day keeps the writing blues away.
345.            Heard from the bottom of the slush pile: Pick me. Pick me. Pick me. I'm crushed.
346.            May the ink always flow and drown you in happiness.
347.            My brain hurts. Two manuscripts are fighting for my attention. Listen dudes, I’m only human. 
348.            Yo ho, yo ho, a writer's life for me. (And now I have that song running through my head!)
349.            Writers spin cocoons out of words that transform into something great.
350.            I love being able to write conversation that I would never in a million years have in real life.
351.            Coffee. Check. Chocolate. Check. Muse. Check. I'm ready to write.
352.            MG. MS. MSS. YA. PB. WIP. ARC. POV. CB. ER. TBR. SF/F NaNoWriMo. LI. NF. HEA. What a strange world I live in.
353.            I still use a physical dictionary. I just love flipping through it and finding a word.
354.            I thought so much about this chapter that I actually gave myself a headache. Wonder if I write it if it will go away. Let's hope.
355.            Dang WIP. My hands can't type as fast as you're whispering in my ear. Chillax and let me get caught up.
356.            Short and choppy. Long and flowing like a bride's train. Sentences provide the rhythm that make your work sing.
357.            True or false? You wrote the best work of your life today.
358.            Muse, don't desert me. I need help finishing this literary journey I started months ago.
359.            It's never too late to become a best-selling author. Go for it!
360.            Who but a writer can turn a blank piece of paper into the most powerful weapon in the world? The power of the mighty pen.
361.            Having a gin and tonic. Is writing while imbibing alcohol a good thing? Seems to loosen Muse a little.
362.            I never want to tame my wild imagination. It takes me wondrous places full of fascinating things to write about.
363.            I don't know how I ever wrote without a computer. I mean, the dang thing is like an appendage.
364.            WIP can be a PIA. But that's what makes it challenging and fun (most of the time).
365.            Keep the faith, and I hope that all of your writing dreams come true.
366.Hubs: What did U do today? Me: Wrote the same damn sentence over and over. Couldn't decide which article to use. Hubs: what? Me: nevermind!
367.             I fell hopelessly in love with my main character today. I hope our relationship lasts a long time.